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President’s Message

Since I opened Ocean Park Mechanical in 1995, we have strived to instill the basic principles that I believe are the cornerstones of our business.

These principles are:

Understand the Customer’s needs first
Our customers are our primary focus and why we are in business. It is critical that we provide the most effective and cost efficient options in order to create a successful and long lasting relationship.

Hire the best, train them well and be sure they embrace the Company’s goals 
We believe firmly that the only way to develop a strong company is to employ only the best personnel. To achieve this we provide exceptional training and support for all our employees. Many employees have been a part of Ocean Park Mechanical for their entire careers, and in some case have a relationship that spans several decades. It is only through the strength of all of our personnel that we continue to grow, succeed and work towards being the best contractor in the industry.

Develop strong relationships with our Associate Suppliers and Subcontractors
We have always strived and continue to develop strong and long lasting relationships with those companies that show the willingness and ability to deliver excellence and consistently over-achieve.

Ocean Park Mechanical’s commitment to these core values has allowed us to grow and expand into many geographical areas, greatly enhancing our competence and knowledge while minimizing our reliance on the economy of a single region. This versatility and experience allows our customers greater confidence to expand into new geographical areas of their own.

The future of Ocean Park Mechanical is exciting as we continue to build upon our experience and expand our valued, long term relationships. We now manage all aspects of the design and installation of mechanical systems in-house, making OPM a true one-stop shop. We also offer a secure and exciting future for personnel that desire to grow with a team that strives to go above and beyond in all facets of business and life.

I encourage anyone who has a desire to gain a partner that aspires to be a part of the solution and not the problem, give me a call and let’s talk.

Roger Hendrix,

Ocean Park Mechanical

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